More than 15 years of jewelry ...

This Etsy store is very recent but I have been designing and making jewelry for over ten years now ... So I'll tell you all about it;)

As a child, in my memory, I always had a pencil in my hand, I loved to draw, I dreamed of being a stylist or illustrator of children's books.
I attached a lot of importance to details, which probably explains my taste for small things.
And then I always loved to give gifts and especially wrap them :)

The idea caught on, from the Beaux-Arts in Lyon where I began my studies in visual arts to Marseille where I trained professionally in jewelry ... Acquiring the techniques related to this profession, that takes time and it's not always easy, but my head was full of ideas and the desire to create jewelry that you couldn't see anywhere!
For a year I worked for a costume jewelry designer based in Marseille but very quickly I wanted to stand on my own feet!

It was at this precise moment that I had the opportunity to take over a workshop-gallery located in Montpellier, so I did not hesitate! I was very young and I had everything to learn but it allowed me to face my profession.
I had the chance to make a lot of beautiful custom pieces and to meet a lot of beautiful people especially :)
Despite all that, after three years I was afraid to go around in circles ... And there another opportunity offered to me, that of going to live in Paris!

There, I started to work in a small workshop and I did not leave it for more than seven years ... And from salons to boutiques, from meetings to meetings, my work has evolved. I continued to work with precious metals as well as tailor-made and then I started to develop a more fancy range thanks to cold porcelain, which is still my material of choice: flexible, light, biodegradable and above all an inexhaustible resource. to develop my creativity!

Today, I realized my dream, which was to participate in a large trade fair and I moved to a new workshop, more spacious and brighter.
This is where I make the parts that you can see on my Etsy page.

These jewels are a bit like me, 10 years of creation already ...
And it is especially for you! So that you feel beautiful, by wearing a touch of originality and elegance or with a color that suits your complexion perfectly.
And then there is the material, sensual on the skin, light, with unparalleled comfort.

There you go, I think I told you everything, well until today;)
I wish you a good visit on my page and I hope to see you soon!